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Copper vs PEX Repiping in San Rafael, CA

Copper vs PEX Repipe in San Rafael, CA

Lots of potential customers often ask about numerous types of plumbing pipes that are available to them when considering a repipe. There are differences amongst the two top options with pros and cons for each type. Nearly all brand-new water lines used today in order to replace old, corroded galvanized pipes are either PEX pipes or Copper Pipes. A large number of house owners have no idea what PEX or Copper piping is made up of, exactly what each looks like, the price of each, the advantages of each type and the downsides. Until someone is faced with a crisis where they must repipe a bathroom or whole plumbing system through the residence, it is difficult to be expected to be familiar with what repiping is and what it involves. It is important to learn enough information about PEX and Copper pipe to take full advantage of your options from Repipe Specialists. Not all the regions offer both repipe options.

PEX Plumbing Pipes

Along with being adaptive and flexible, PEX pipes are really strong, there is less possibility of future leaks, they are quieter, invulnerable to extreme high and low temperatures, economical, supply fast flowing water, helps to reduce your water bills, are environmentally friendly, and keep going for a lifetime! Repiping using PEX is cheaper than plumbing with copper because the material is quite a bit cheaper and demands a lot less work to install a brand new water system using PEX plumbing.

Copper Plumbing Pipes

There are distinct differences between copper pipes and PEX pipes. Copper Plumbing pipe is long-wearing (lasting over 100 years), weather resistant (may be used outside the house in addition to interior), is oxidation resistant and will not burn in case of a house fire. Copper pipes are more costly than PEX pipes simply just because the copper material itself is higher in price. Putting in a whole new Copper Plumbing System can be higher priced as it is more intricate and demands experience and expertise to ensure a rock solid long lasting outcome. Plumbing with Copper Pipes is costlier up front, however, with a 50 year manufacturer warranty, your completely new pipes can last a life-time.

PEX Plumbing Pipes or Copper Repipe? What do typical home owners in San Rafael, CA prefer?

If your home is in an area where Copper theft is a possibility, PEX should most likely be your choice.

If you are looking for a long term choice, a Copper Repipe is usually the choice

If you are searching for a cheaper solution, a PEX Repipe should be your option

If you wish to use a water system outside of the house, Copper Repiping is your remedy.

In San Rafael the most effective option is to work with Copper pipes for any repipe that is implemented. It can offer years and years of highest possible functionality with your residential plumbing system. Contact Repipe Specialists to arrange a completely free in-home quote. Repiping can be accomplished in as fast as one day and can cost less than 50% of what a nearby plumbing service may charge you.